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Don’t risk your business with run-of-the-mill service and automated reviews. Trust AAMC to follow proven processes that streamline closings.

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Appraisal Management. Real Estate Valuation. Settlement Services.

These are just a few of the services we provide; here are a few more:

  • Residential Appraisals

  • FHA Appraisals

  • REO Appraisal & Review

  • Complex & Specialized Cases

  • Fraud Detection

  • Commercial Appraisals

  • Appraisal Value Reconciliation

  • Foreclosure Appraisal & Review

  • Title & Closing Services

  • Loan Portfolio QA Reviews

A.I.R. Compliance

Every AAMC appraisal report is certified A.I.R. Compliant.
Our appraisal reports are completed in compliance with the Dodd-Frank Act in accordance with Appraisal Independence Requirements (AIR) and Mortgagee Letter 2009-28 ensuring appraiser independence.

Secure Partnerships

We value your business and strive to build partnerships that last.
Our philosophy is to think like an owner and act like a partner. AAMC is redefining what an AMC can be by building personal relationships and catering to our clients needs.

Time Sensitive

Trust AAMC to handle your orders with urgency and efficiency.
Our panel appraisers understand that turn time matters and give every order a high priority. It won’t take long for you to appreciate our attention to detail.

Why Choose an AAMC Appraiser?

  • We only work with certified or certified general appraisers

  • Our appraisers among the highest educated appraisers in the industry

  • We closely monitor our network of appraisers to keep our clients safe

  • Small panels insure appraisers are focused on your specific guidelines

  • Our proprietary review process keeps everyone on the same page

Appraisal Management You Can Trust.

Accelerated Appraisal Management Company (AAMC) – a full service Appraisal Management, Real Estate Valuation, and Settlement Service Company – represents the fusion of Forum Capital, LC and Accelerated Appraisals. Our combination of experience, leadership, management, and process allows Accelerated AMC to set the standard for customer service, professionalism, accuracy, timeliness, and regulatory compliance.
Combining Forum Capital and Accelerated Appraisals creates an expert AMC with important industry and functional experience. Forum’s real estate experience and executive management coupled with Accelerated’s know how, processes, and proprietary systems provides a stable partner for today’s malleable marketplace. Remember that Accelerated AMC is able to manage all your real estate appraisal and valuation needs while keeping you compliant and allowing you to focus on your client’s needs. Put AAMC to work for you today.
AAMC will provide the highest quality appraisals with finest customer service while protecting our clients by keeping them compliant.
AAMC understands that you need more than accurate appraisals. You need a vendor willing to act like a partner and respond like an owner. AAMC’s success pivots on our ability to analyze your work flow and expedite processes wherever we can. Don’t accept boilerplate service! We offer processes personalized to your firm and strive to meet and beat your high expectations.
AAMC represents the fusion of Forum Capital, LC and Accelerated Appraisals. Forum’s real estate experience and executive management coupled with Accelerated’s know-how, processes, and proprietary systems provides a stable partner for today’s malleable marketplace. Don’t settle for unreliable, blackhole AMC’s! From the top down, AAMC understands your industry and reliably delivers value added services.
Recent marketplace volatility led to new regulations and increased oversight. AAMC will keep you compliant by providing the necessary arm length transaction and conforming to industry formatting standards. Less than 1% of our appraisals are returned by clients. Don’t live with second rate appraisals and blown deadlines! AAMC delivers accurate values, on time, according to regulatory standards.
AAMC uses a Four Tier Proprietary Review System on every single appraisal. Spot checking and computer automated reviews simply will not get the job done. Our process includes: 1. Certified Appraiser Review, 2. Technical Review, 3. Administrative Review, 4. Final Proprietary Review. Our system protects from fraud and inflated/deflated values. Don’t place your business dealings at risk with run of the mill automated reviews. Trust AAMC to diligently follow proven processes that streamline closings.

Meet the Team

Ryan Riveras
Ryan RiverasPresident, CEO
Working as an appraiser helped me develop processes and systems that ensure quality and compliance. Customer service is very important to me. I like taking my family to Disneyland and riding my dirt bike.
Tom Hatch
Tom HatchVice President
I graduated from Brigham Young University in Business Administration and Information Systems. Professionally, I worked in both small business and corporate environments. I enjoy spending time with my family; especially at the beach.
Creighton Barker
Creighton BarkerVice President, CFO
I’m at home with numbers and studied economics. Working in private equity taught me a lot about what works and what doesn’t. I’m king of the grill and enjoy a nice steak.
Scott Scholtz
Scott ScholtzDirector of Operations
With me, there is no such thing as a small detail.  While family comes first, nothing makes me smile more than a perfectly tuned home theater.  I take my fantasy sports seriously; you can call me “The Commish.”

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We Love Our Customers, And They Love Us.

Don’t live with second rate appraisals and blown deadlines. We deliver accurate values, on time, according to regulatory standards. Check out what our customers are saying about AAMC!

As a mortgage banker, it is critical to surround my company with dependable and hardworking vendors willing to act as an extension of our firm.  Accelerated Appraisal Management Company is one vendor who consistently meets and exceeds our expectations by professionally handling our appraisal process while providing exceptional customer service.
Dave T., American Financial Lending, Inc.
Ryan, and his staff, are easy to contact and always helpful.  I appreciate having a local vendor my staff can get to know.  We are comfortable talking with everyone at AAMC and appreciate our relationship with them.
Courtney B., Underwriting
Being a local vendor, AAMC knows each of their appraisers having interviewed each one before sending them any orders.  Where most AMC’s are looking for automation which lends to a very impersonal transaction, AAMC is built on strong relationships between appraisers, management, and clients.
Connie H., Appraiser
An important part of my job is understanding value and setting realistic expectations.  AAMC helps me do just that by providing solid appraisals using meaningful comparables.
Kim C., Realtor
AAMC provides excellent service.  To most, an appraisal is strictly a commodity.  From experience, I know that different organizations produce differing qualities of appraisals.  Accelerated’s processes help eliminate underwriting kickbacks and returned files. In my business this translates to higher profits.
William K., Mortgage Banker
AAMC sets themselves apart by providing first class service. Ultimately, they provide a great product with less problems than other groups.  I value our relationship with AAMC and expect a long prosperous relationship.
Paul B., Developer

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